exclusive numbered edition with a different subject for each single bottle

A collector’s edition.

A project that came from an idea by Luca Anselmi and Sofia Kherkeladze, with the participation of Maestro Niko Kherkeladze. A limited and numbered collection: 400 exclusive bottles, in presentation boxes made from ancient fir and pine wood recovered from old farmhouses in Trentino, combining the aura of memory with a close attention to sustainability. Everything in the 2012 Amarone Riserva conveys a sense of great tradition and respect. A return to the origins of the blend, with bunches of grapes selected from vines that are over 80 years old. A return to the idea of the inimitability of an artistic creation, because each bottle is a unique piece, each one with a different subject on the label. A return for Niko Kherkeladze to his own artistic themes, in this case to his beloved equestrian subjects, which are appreciated the world over.

Wine is a special reserve of unique sensations.

In October and November we dry the bunches of Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella in our drying room, and vinify them in December-January. A percentage of Oseleta grapes gives the Riserva its rare personality, with notes of forest fruits and tannins on the palate. As required by law, the wine is left to age for two years in barriques. This is how Amarone Riserva Falezze 2012 came into being: a wine with significant structure and a fullness of aromas, with a deep ruby red colour, immediately recognisable for its complexity and elegance. A wine with a significant alcoholic content and suitable for considerable ageing, perfect for game dishes and tastings of mature cheeses, but also for more contemplative moments, together with dark chocolate over 80%.


“I think of my wine as a work of art. A work created by the sensations it conveys and perfectly reflecting the landscape from which it emerges.”

Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva

Exclusive numbered edition with a different subject for each bottle

della Valpolicella

Grapes grown for three generations, with natural drying, or appassimento modellato

Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso

Obtained by second fermentation
on Amarone skins


A brief appassimento, or natural drying, with ageing in French oak tonneaux

Organic extra virgin
olive oil

Produced exclusively
in the Falezze area

di Amarone

Le SessantaDue Dogaresse, an artistic collection of 62 bottles



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