Luca Anselmi

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The family

The Anselmi Family has been cultivating the territory called "Falezze" for three generations. The name derives from the people who long ago worked this land and resided in the adjacent ancient house called "Valdonega". The name "Valdonega" means "valley of the feudal lord". Evidently in the Middle Ages this ranch was owned by a squire (presumably) of the Signoria Della Scala. Thanks to the strategic position of the building, it was possible to control the whole valley of Mezzane.

Hidden in unique context, we find other historical testimonies that tell of an important past. To the east of Falezze is the "Via Cara". The road takes its name from "via Vaccara" (via Vaccara = road of the cows). Used by the Romans to quickly reach the Val d'Adige. In the middle ages the transhumance passed through this route from the Lessini Mountains to the Valley of the Po. Subsequently under the Austro-Hungarian Empire it was transformed into one important connecting route with Vienna.

Looking to the south of Falezze we find Squarzego, one of the oldest rural buildings in the province of Verona. It was administered for centuries by a community of nuns. On May 31st 1266, the abbess, together with willing nuns and converts compiled "the Campanian Rules of Squarzego", which is currently the oldest evidence of an "Agrarian Contract". In this land the vineyard has always been cultivated, as evidenced by the historical documents (Campestri Rules) and by the presence of an old vineyard of over 80 years old.

Luca's wife

Sofia Kherkeladze

Is responsible for the bottle labels. During her career, after specialized degree in "Fashion Designer" at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera she has worked as both artist and designer. She is the daughter of the famous artist Prof. Niko Kherkeladze, the first Georgian artist to exhibit work at the international exhibition of the "Carrousel du Louvre". Throught her work, Sofia researches the "metamorphosis of the modern woman" studying those soft lines which realise a contemporary dream.