Who we are

Falezze is a small wine company rooted in the territory from which it takes its name. For three generations we have cultivated our vineyards and we have come to know all the secrets of our land. The winery produces a careful selection of grapes and yields an annual amount of limited bottles (around 10,000) of high quality between  Amarone della Valpolicella, Ripasso and Valpolicella Superiore.


Our Philosophy

The Falezze company only uses its own grapes from the Falezze area, we are of the opinion that wine starts from the countryside. We do not delegate farming practices to others but we follow the entire production personally, from vineyard to bottle. (see ‘how it is produced’)


Our History

The company cultivates the land called “Falezze”. The name is derived from the people who long ago had worked this land and who resided in the adjacent old Valdonega district. The Valdonega district (ancient name of Falezze) means valley of the feudal lord. Evidently in the Middle Ages it was owned by some squire.

East of Falezze we have another important historical testimony: the street Cara, the main road called “Via Vaccara” (Via Vaccara = Road of the Cows) which passes on over Mount Vegro and down from the Lessinian Hills to the plain of the Po valley. It was a main route, much used by animals going up and down from the pastures of the Lessinian Hills and during the Austro-Hungarian Empire was used by German soldiers as a way of communication with the empire.

The vines in this land have always been cultivated. The historical documents testify to the presence of an old vineyard of more than 80 years of age.

After the First World War the land became the property of our family and for three generations we have grown vines in continuity with history.