Name: Ripasso della Valpolicella Falezze DOC

Production zone: the Municipality of Mezzane di Sotto, locality Falezze

Vines: Corvinone 40%, Corvina 30%, Rondinella 15%, and Oseleta 5%

Age of vineyards: 20-40 years

Ground: gravelly clay loam which is extremely calcareous and moderately alkaline, but in the deepest part of the soil there a sand clay loam texture is present.

Altitude: 250 metres above sea level.

Farming system: Pergola Veronese

Harvesting modalities: By hand on plateaux, repeated selection

Fermentation: two fermentations take place. The first fermentation occurs after the crushing of the briefly dried grapes  (here the fermentation takes place for 15 days at a controlled temperature). The second fermentation is obtained from the wine after one month: at the end of Amarone vinification the operation of Ripasso wine is carred out. The wine initially obtained (in the first winemaking) is fermented again on the skins, still loaded with sugar and flavourings of Amarone, thereby acquiring greater structure and complexity. The malolactic fermentation takes place in French oak barrels.

Refinement: the refinement is carried out in new and second passage barrels of 500 L in French oak for a year and a half.

Yield: 2.5 kg of grapes are needed to produce one bottle of wine (0.75 L)



Colour: ruby red color tending to garnet.

Bouquet: On the nose there are pleasant hints of plum, cherry, spices and hints of minerals.

Taste: on the palate there results a good full mellow taste of red fruit and liquorice with a savoury and slightly spicy aftertaste. Serving temperature 19 ° C.

To be served with: this wine combines well with Italian antipasti and cheese. Specifically suitable for meat dishes pasta with meat sauce, roasts, grilled meats and game.

Alcoholic content: 14%

Total acidity: 5,01 g/l

Total extract: 34,1 g/ l

Ageing capacity: also lends itself to a medium aging.