An oil which is a concentrate of emotions.

The earth expresses its best characteristics in the plants that live and produce fruit.

The Falezze area is a particular territory, with a perfect balance between altitude and exposure and plants have their roots in a ground that transmits to their fruit an organoleptic and unmistakable unique  impression.

Its wine is an important example with the Falezze Amarone.

Here the land is the master and this can be felt in the scents and aromas.

But perhaps the oil represents a most direct connection between land and territory and food on the table; the Grignano variety of Falezze oil at 100% is fresh , wild and appreciated after a few minutes on the palate, like an untamed horse that we can caress only after a careful approach.

The bouquet is promising and persistent. Perhaps there was a call for a variety of a native olive-rustic, strong, tough and resistant to cold. An oil with a very low yield, available only here in Verona which would reflect the simplicity ( but not banality) of the area in its aroma and taste.

A land that cradles a great Amarone and oil perhaps deserves a few more minutes to be understood.



The olives were harvested only by hand; after 6 hours the oil was extracted.

The resulting oil is of a well-structured golden yellow colour.

The bouquet reveals intense and elegant aromas of aromatic essences commonly found in the Lessinia area.

The predominant scent is reminiscent of lemon with accompanying hints of sage, fennel, walnut leaves and dry hay. Soft in the mouth, you immediately feel a subtle spiciness and a reminder of citrus fruits.

“Life is too short to drink bad wine” (Lessing) and to taste mediocre oil.