Luca Anselmi

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for three generations

Falezze of
Luca Anselmi.

Luca Anselmi

Farm's owner

Agricultural Expert, Bachelor Degree in Molecular Biology, Master's degree in Functional Genomics.

He has carried out an experimental thesis on the "Genomic Analysis of Oenococcus oeni PSU-1".

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Ours is a family-run company in Valpolicella, just a few minutes away from Verona. A house, surrounded by woods, olive trees and century-old vineyards, a tradition inherited by three previous generations. An history created by people with a love for the earth cultivated with devotion.

Our property benefits from a personal dedication on the part of our family, dedicating ourselves to every phase of a deliberately limited and artisanal production: ten thousand bottles, the result of a deep-rooted attention in order to express that magic which binds us to this territory.

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